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Water Restoration Work Gone Bad

Serv@ro Job Gone Bad. Real Bad.

We cant say it enough, how important a third party inspection is needed on water restoration work. So many jobs with so many issues.


  1. No Asbestos report posted on job site ( REQUIRED BY LAW )
  2. Building materials still wet when material reinstalled
  3. Improper Job Site Containment
  4. Root Cause of Issue Not Corrected
  5. Contaminated Materials Left In Place
  6. Inadequate Treatment for Mold
  7. No Written Scope of Work
  8. No Clearance testing Performed by Third Party Testing Company Prior to Reinstall
  9. Containment removed Prior to Passing Clearance Test
  10. Removal of Negative Air Machines Prior to Clearance Test

Recent job done by Serv@ro for a client with concerns, and yes we found issue after issue. Was this job done just to satisfy insurance payout? Is that what it is all about? Root cause of water intrusion issue was not even discussed with client and to think insurance will pay out and have to have this job done again in future is sad. Insurance Companies CALL US! Yes, Call us for a inspection before your nightmare happens all over again!

Who is to blame?

The water restortion company claimed the job was done and the damage came back after repairs were done based on what the insurance adjusted said caused the damage? Point the finger.

water restoration mold service


We performed many air samples and tape lifts on this job after high moisture levles were reported and black mold was visible all over. The containment was broken and all equipment removed from job site exposing work zone to all areas of home. 

Did we find Toxic Mold?!

Stay tuned for the lab results. 

Results in! Yes TOXIC mold was found! After job cantainment was removed and signed off as complete!

These are just our Top 10 list, there are many more! Call us Today 425.608.9553