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Dirty Electric

Dirty Electricity is a problem, not nearly enough people are aware of. In fact, in many homes dirty electricity is one of the highest sources of EMF radiation. Fortunately, there are dirty electricity filters that can completely, and measurably, reduce or remove this source of radiation.

We can help test your home before and after installation. In some cases, the filter can create EMF issues and testing is advised.

So What Exactly Is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity, or sometimes called DE, dirty power, electrical pollution, or a few other names, is a description of essentially unusable power that gets stuck in your electrical wiring. The wiring in your home and most buildings are designed to use 60 hertz AC electricity. This worked well when originally designed since nearly all electronics were designed to consistently draw on this exact type and amount of power.

The issue began when modern electronics began demanding, more, or less, or varying amounts of power. This is sometimes referred to as high-frequency voltage transients, and the inconsistent use of power causes erratic surges of power that are unusable. This unusable dirty electricity sits in your wiring, spreading around and radiating EMF radiation.

Whole House EMF Filter