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Move-In Move-Out Inspections

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What Is a Move-In Inspection?

A move-in inspection is a walkthrough conducted by our independant inspectors to check for any damage beyond normal wear and tear in a rental property before someone moves in.

This critical step in the rental process serves to document the condition of the property before occupancy, safeguarding both the landlord’s investment as well as the tenant’s security deposit.

The components of a move-in inspection include examining the property exterior, interior, appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems for conditions that changed during occupancy.

The Importance of Move-In Inspections

Move-in inspections are important for all parties involved with a rental property.

For landlords, this helps document the condition of the rental property, preventing disputes over damages and ensuring the security deposit is used fairly. For tenants, move-in inspections provide an opportunity to identify pre-existing damage, ensuring they are not held responsible for any conditions that were already there.

Additionally, these inspections help establish expectations for the care of the property between landlords and tenants.

This is particularly useful for the move-out inspection. Inspection reports serve as a valuable point of reference to confirm whether damages or normal wear and tear occurred throughout the duration of the tenant’s occupancy.

Benefits for Landlords and Property Management Groups

Landlords and Property Management Groups's benefit from move-in inspections by having a professional inspection report of the property’s condition before tenants arrive. This inspection report serves as documentation that can help mitigate disputes over pre-exisiting damages and protect landlords from potential legal action.

Furthermore, move-in inspections allow landlords and Property Management Groups's to identify any repairs or maintenance that need to be addressed before the tenant moves in, ensuring the property remains in excellent condition throughout the lease term.

Benefits for Tenants

The move-in inspection provides the same protection to a new tenant. It helps tenants evaluate and record the condition of the property during the move-in process. It ensures that landlords and property managers keep the units in good condition, identify items that need to be repaired, and will help hold previous tenants accountable for any damage they caused while living in the space. The report may also serve as a written record if the property owner denies a tenant a security deposit return or if there’s a legal dispute in the future

What’s included in the move-in checklist?

The move-in inspection includes general information that applies to most types of properties but also items specific to the rental unit being leased.

Information about the tenant and property

General items

The condition of items found throughout the house or apartment, including:

  • doors, hardware, and locks
  • windows
  • window coverings and blinds
  • floors
  • ceilings
  • lighting
  • electrical outlets

Verify that fire alarms and smoke detectors are in working order.

Using move-in and move-out inspection reports can benefit your business in many ways. Make this a focus of your tenant journey and you will be well on your way to maintaining the topnotch tenant experience with your commercial property rentals.

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