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WA State Asbestos Notification Requirements

WAC 296-65-020

Notification requirements.

(1) Before any person or individual begins an asbestos project as defined in WAC 296-62-07722 and 296-65-003 involving more than forty-eight square feet or ten linear feet, unless the surface area of the pipe is greater than forty-eight square feet, of asbestos-containing material, written notification must be provided to the department. Notices must include:
(a) Name and address of the owner and contractor.
(b) Description of the facility including size, age, and prior use of the facility.
(c) Amount of asbestos-containing material to be removed or encapsulated.
(d) Location of the facility.
(e) Exact starting and completion dates of the asbestos project, including shifts during which abatement work will be accomplished. These dates must correspond to the dates specified for asbestos removal in the contract. Any change in these dates or work shifts must be communicated to the department by an amended notice filed at the office where the original notice was filed.
• When the starting date or time changes, the amended notice must be filed no later than 5:00 p.m. on the business day prior to the starting date in the original notice and prior to the new starting date.
• When the completion date or time changes, the amended notice must be filed before completion of the project, and within eight hours from when the person learns that the change will occur.
Notice may be filed by facsimile (fax).
(f) Nature of the project and methods used to remove or encapsulate the material.
(2) Notices must be received by the department no later than ten days prior to the start of the project. Notices must be sent directly to the department of labor and industries regional office having jurisdiction on the project.
(3) The director may waive the prenotification requirement upon written request of an owner for large-scale, on-going projects. In granting such a waiver, the director will require the owner to provide prenotification if significant changes in personnel, methodologies, equipment, work site, or work procedures occur or are likely to occur. The director will further require annual resubmittal of such notification.
(4) The director, upon review of an owner's reports, work practices, or other data available as a result of inspections, audits, or other authorized activities, may reduce the size threshold for prenotification required by this section. Such a change will be based on the director's determination that significant problems in personnel, methodologies, equipment, work site, or work procedures are creating the potential for violations of this chapter.
(5) Emergency projects which disturb or release asbestos into the air must be reported to the department within three working days after commencement of the project in the manner otherwise required under this chapter. The employees, the employees' collective bargaining representative or employee representative, if any, and other persons at the project area must be notified of the emergency as soon as possible by the person undertaking the emergency project. A notice describing the nature of the emergency project must be clearly posted adjacent to the work area.
(6) Incremental phasing in the conduct or design of asbestos projects or otherwise conducting or designing asbestos projects of a size less than the threshold exemption specified in subsection (1) of this section, with the intent of avoiding the notification requirements, is a violation of this chapter.


Puget Sound Clean Air


Renovating your rental property or condominium, or demolishing your house, you must hire an AHERA-certified building inspector to perform the survey. 


A. Leave it alone. Asbestos becomes a health risk if it is disturbed or deteriorating and fibers are released into the air. It may be possible to work around the asbestos during the renovation without disturbing it.

B. Repair or encapsulate. You may re-seal or encapsulate the asbestos in its location and without notifying our agency if it is not disturbed.

C. Remove It. If you are renovating your rental property or condominium, or are a renter, you must hire a certified asbestos abatement contractor to remove the asbestos.

If you decide to remove the asbestos yourself (Homeowners), you must:

1) File an Asbestos/Demolition Notification. Before you remove friable asbestos-containing material from the structure, you a PSClean Air notification along with a $30 filing fee


Clean Air Agencies:

Yarrow Point,WA Requires an Asbestos survey required for buildings 1985 and older in their Building Permit Documention and Lead survey required pre1978 buildings. BUT the State has stricter requirements, no dates are subject. Yarrow point misleading building contractors and home owners? Email us us and let us know what you think.