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Over 100 Building Materials Containing Asbestos

Asbestos is still allowed to be in materials today and is only Banned in a few products. So until testing proves otherwise we assume ALL materials are Positive until proved otherwise. Here are some materials we found tested positive in Seattle commercial and residential buildings.

Some listed items are contributed by other AHERA inspectors.

  1. Vapor barrier behind brick veneer
  2. The vapor barrier on the interior side of exterior walls behind plaster
  3. Gypsum roof deck (this is less often ACM, but I've found it on at least 3 roofs)
  4. Mastic / vapor barrier below floor filler and flooring
  5. Vapor barrier below terrazzo floors.
  6. Bituminous waterproofing on concrete foundation walls below grade
  7. Built-up roofing UNDER concrete
  8. Transite breaker blocks for electrical circuits
  9. Transite board behind electrical panels
  10. Elevator cars coated with a black sealant
  11. Corrugated asbestos paper insulation in elevator doors
  12. Transite inside metal partition walls for offices/cubicles
  13. Flower pots
  14. Glue inside partition walls
  15. Cisterns
  16. Cowling around roof vent fans
  17. Elevator brake shoes
  18. Clutches in conveyor belts and other equipment
  19. Framing around radiator
  20. Loose fill attic insulation ("Karsolite" & "Zonolite")
  21. Mortar was used to insulate hot water piping in homes
  22. Distance holders used with lightning conductors
  23. Brick was used intermittently in the masonry walls of schools to nail into
  24. Fiber backing on the back of fiberglass roofing composite shingles
  25. Plaster de Paris
  26. Core on fiberglass pipe insulation
  27. (vermiculite) in thick plaster base coat beneath scratch and finish coat
  28. Paper on fiberglass bats (muck like kraft back) within metal walls of an insulated rail car
  29. Loose fill attic insulation
  30. Fire door
  31. Spray-on Fireproofing added to the concrete foundation
  32. Sink undercoating
  33. Butterfly valve in an in-line fire/smoke damper
  34. Foil backed fiberglass
  35. Red cementitious flooring / Magnesite Floor Screed
  36. Wallpaper
  37. Varnish on a door
  38. Pink loose type screed
  39. Garage door rope
  40. Shaggy bark of an artificial tree in a lobby
  41. “ash” in a gas-fired fireplace
  42. Thinset adhesive used for ceramic tile,
  43. Dampers in a church organ
  44. Layered soundproofing to a floor in a church bell tower
  45. Wood type oak veneers made from asbestos at the old 'Turners Asbestos Factory' in Manchester UK
  46. Padding as soundproofing behind ornate plaster in a Victorian ballroom
  47. Fire curtain
  48. W.C. cisterns
  49. Rocks sold for carving pendants
  50. Chimney flu from a hot water heater
  51. Surround from an industrial extraction fan
  52. Thin (3-5mm thick) foam inserts lining the inside of doors to process control panels
  53. Bitumen of the roads
  54. Building pads
  55. Improvised cricket pitch
  56. Cubic yard blocks of concrete
  57. Fiber backing of Berber carpet
  58. Terrazzo floors(red)
  59. Concrete door Thresholds
  60. Hotel rooms with ACM fire doors
  61. Concrete floor patching
  62. Asphalt flooring (similar to blacktop)
  63. Duct-wrap type thin Sheet Paper-Slip/vapor barrier of a built-up roof system
  64. Duct-wrap type thin Sheet Paper-Behind original metal classroom row lights
  65. Hollow fire Doors - Heavy 1/4" thick mastic on interior
  66. Gypsum Plank Floor Mastic Vapor Barrier
  67. File cabinets/safe insulation
  68. Wallpaper
  69. EPDM Roof Lap sealant
  70. Cable Conduit in manholes - thick, brown, fibrous asphaltic "pipes"
  71. Terrazzo with asbestos
  72. Aircraft engine sealant/gasket - extremely hard, clear to tan, epoxy possibly
  73. Caulk at the wall to floor junction - looks like window glazing
  74. Inside of stacks at a former steel plant
  75. Inside main stacks on a tug boat lined with transite
  76. Chalkboards
  77. Galvanized corrugated metal looking material (Galbestos)
  78. Chalkboard mastic
  79. Expansion joints of concrete curtain walls
  80. White chrysotile material within metal windows
  81. Brown paper that wraps fiberglass insulation
  82. Rubber roof seam positive
  83. Thick paint on CMU walls
  84. Aircell sheets on ductwork
  85. Granular surfacing, which I initially thought was just dust/debris buildup, on the inside of large Westinghouse motor & generator housings
  86. Black cork surfacing on piping
  87. Viewing shield of a boiler
  88. Pure crocidolite sprayed on the auditorium walls
  89. CSI Kits for kids containing fake fingerprint powder
  90. Black asphaltic coating (much like a sink undercoat) on the backside of cast aluminum basketball backboards
  91. The mortar between a product called Pyrobar bricks
  92. Alpine Slide track was made of ACM transite
  93. Under the wood floor, inside what are called sleepers, filled with chrysotile, for noise and or fire protection
  94. Electrical wiring where the inner plastic coating contains chrysotile.
  95. Plaster as patching behind an old AIB fume hood
  96. Seam mastics between lab countertops
  97. Wire mesh with the white disc for holding glass containers over Bunsen burners
  98. Old electronic lab equipment with the thick gray insulating board
  99. Chalkboards
  100. Lab countertops and fume hood countertops
  101. Chrysotile mat under lead flooring.
  102. Black ACM mastic used to attach a paper/foil jacket to fiberglass pipe insulation
  103. ALL WHITE Roofing felt/paper
  104. Concrete Foundations
  105. Concrete Sidewalks/Driveways
  106. Electrical Wire Insulation
  107. Drywall
  108. Joint Compound
  109. Roofing Tar - (Still Sold Today)
  110. On the inside of speaker, the box's in K-12 Schools
  111. Drip pan - Clay Liner
  112. Window putty
  113. Rope
  114. Stage curtains
  115. Floor Underlayment
  116. Fiberglass Paper Backing
  117. Fireplace Decorative Logs
  118. Concrete expansion-seam caulks
  119. Rubber
  120. Sub-Flooring Slip Sheet
  121. Gray Roofing Paint
  122. Brick Mortar
  123. Lab Hoods
  124. Chalkboards
  125. Poured Flooring
  126. Furnace Gaskets
  127. Wood Stove Door Gasket
  128. Cement Siding
  129. Window Glazing
  130. Plaster
  131. Felt Floor Padding
  132. Cement Wall Board (Found in Kirkland,WA home on exterior Sheathing over 1" thick)
  133. Floor Leveler
  134. Circuit Breakers


Note: This list does not include every product that may contain asbestos. It is intended as a general guide to show which types of materials have been found to contain asbestos.