Roof Sheathing Field Nail Requirements

What the Heck is a Nailing Pattern?

For those who are uninitiated in the world of fasteners, a nailing pattern or fastener schedule is the national, state or regional building code allowances for fastening specific materials. There are hundreds of different nailing patterns for tons of building materials ranging from drywall to trusses and everything in between. Basically, if you can screw, nail or staple it, then there’s a building code that tells you how to do it.

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Moisture Ants

Moisture ants in Washington State and the risk they pose to building damage.

These ants thrive in damp environments and are attracted to wood that is decayed or damaged by moisture. Wood near bathtubs and areas damaged by water from plumbing leaks are popular nesting sites. Homes with outdoor access to attics and crawl spaces are at risk for infestations since moisture ant swarmers and workers may also enter through open doors or windows searching for sweets and a suitable moist habitat.


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Asbestos Clearance Air Sampling

PCM by NIOSH 7400

We provide Asbestos abatement contractors clearance sampling under NIOSH 7400 PCM method, randomly scheduled site evaluations and personal air monitoring.

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Commercial Building Inspections SOP

2017-2018 SOP for Commercial Building Inspections

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Roof Kickout Flashing

Kickout flashing, also known as diverter flashing, is a special type of flashing that diverts rainwater away from the cladding and into the gutter. When installed properly, they provide excellent protection against the penetration of water into the building envelope.

Several factors can lead to rainwater intrusion, but a missing kickout flashing, in particular, often results in concentrated areas of water accumulation and potentially severe damage to exterior walls. Water penetration into the cladding can occasionally be observed on the exterior wall in the form of vertical water stains, although inspectors should not rely on visual identification. There may be severe damage with little or no visible evidence.

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Is there a cure for a Fogged Glass Fireplace?

After years of use, gas fireplaces often develop a cloudy white haze on the glass. This white haze makes the flames difficult to see, ruins any potential illusion that you’re looking at a real fireplace, and is really unsightly.  So what can be done......

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Should You or Your Painter Use Lead Paint Swabs

“It’s clear from our study that LeadCheck Swabs shouldn’t be used to determine if house dust contains lead in excess of the EPA standards, ” said Korfmacher, community outreach coordinator for the Medical Center’s Department of Environmental Medicine. “However, this test could be a good pre-test for getting professional clearance using dust wipes. If the swab test comes up positive, then you know you have lead and you should clean more before paying for a professional clearance test. But you should never be reassured by a negative test that dust lead levels are safe.”

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Maintaining Your Ductless Heating/Cooling System

If your home is equipped with a ductless system, or you’re considering having one installed, use the ductless system maintenance tips below to help you keep the mini-split heating and cooling system running smoothly.

The popularity of ductless, or mini-split, heating and cooling systems is growing in Seattle,WA  areas where older houses are heated by radiator or electric baseboard heaters. Mini-split heating and cooling systems can be installed in houses with no existing ductwork by mounting interior wall units strategically throughout the home. Easy to install and provide easy heating and cooling zones to any area of your home.

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Asbestos Testing company in Grays Harbor County, Washington

If you are looking for a asbestos testing company in Grays Harbor County, Washington, we can help. With years of asbestos testing experience in Grays Harbor County, our top rated AHERA Asbestos inspectors can help.

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Tacoma Smelter Plume Soil Sampling in Seattle

Department of Ecology is managing the clean-up of the Tacoma Smelter Plume. The area is too large to dig up all the contaminated soils. Buying a home or live in King County? Then soil sampling should be on your agenda.

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