Pacific Dampwood Termites

Author:    Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: Pest Rodents   Add to Favorites 

 Pacific Dampwood Termites require wet or damp wood to establish colonies. Wet wood may result from wood-soil contact, leaky plumbing, leaky roofs and/or gutters, and faulty grades around the building. They will also attack wood which has become wet from condensation in poorly ventilated crawl spaces. Rain soaked firewood is another point of infestation. It is a good idea not to store firewood within 25' of the building. Remember they live in the 

Termite inspection in Seattle

 wood they feed on. In most cases, control can be achieved by eliminating and repairing structurally unsound wood and by eliminating moisture problems. Spraying alone will not eliminate this pest.

The Pacific dampwood termite is the largest termite species found in the State of Washington. They are cream to dark brown in color. Soldiers have large reddish brown to blackish heads, cream colored bodies, and are approximately 3/4" long with the head and mandibles compromising about one third their length. Nymphs are creamy-white to yellow-brown and about 1/2" long when fully developed.

They are becoming more common in the Seattle and Bellevue areas than previous years. Wood decay fungus is often found in conjunction with this termite. These termite also attack wood in crawlspaces that become wet from condensation of poorly vented crawlspaces. These termites love moisture and chemical applications alone will not eradicate this pest and should be discouraged.