Home Maintenance Program

Author: Pacific Northwest Inspections Group, LLC   Date: 25-Nov-2013.   Category: House Inspection   Add to Favorites 

Welcome to the Home Maintenance program where protecting your invest continues year after year!

What is our Home Maintenance program?

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 Over the years of performing inspections we saw a need for a routine home check and developed a program to fit just that. With yearly check ups and a complete report access database on your home it becomes easy to protect your home from future problems while also creating a log on property condition which can  be transferred over to a new home owner! Imagine the resale value this ads to your investment! We believe that owning a home is the most important part of the American Dream. We believe that you should know every pertinent detail about the investment in your home.

Like a regular medical checkup for your body, a home maintenance inspection discovers issues as they develop, allowing remediation rather than major repair later. This inspection is similar to a standard home inspection but with emphasis on maintaining a sound property with a reporting system that is designed for yearly updates with condition reports.

Saving homeowners thousands in home repairs.

 Your Key Benefits Of Joining Our Maintenance Inspection Program

  • Discover issues in development, prior to incurring damage. 
  • You will be aware in advance of approaching cost items so that proper budgeting can be done.
  • Provides you a historical documentation of the home's condition and repairs. This is a valuable tool when eventually selling the home.
  • Online Annual Home Condition Report access
  • Preventive Maintenance Checklist Download Section
  • Advanced Warning System
  • Member Service Discounts

Advance Warning

A systematic maintenance approach also allows one to monitor certain conditions and components. Regular roof inspections, for example, will give one enough advance warning to allow for several roofing quotes in order to make an educated and cost effective purchase of a new roof covering. If on the other hand, no maintenance is done, and the roof suddenly leaks, there is very little time to do comparative shopping. Under these circumstances, one is forced to go with the roofer who can do the job the fastest - not necessarily with the roofing materials of your choice or at the best possible price.

In addition to monitoring systems which wear out, structural monitoring can also be performed. It is not uncommon for people who have been living in a house for some time to suddenly realize that a door frame is out of square and the door does not close properly. With regular maintenance, the cracks which occur in the wall surfaces adjacent to the door frame can be monitored. Knowing whether these cracks have appeared suddenly or have been increasing at a specific rate, is valuable information when diagnosing the problem and designing a repair.


Soon you will also be able to access your report @ MyPropertyCondition.com as well as here!